Friday, October 11, 2013

V-Tight Gel Review: Vaginal Dryness - The Whys and Hows
V-Tight Gel Review: Vaginal Dryness - The Whys and Hows
When a woman suffers from vaginal dryness, her first thoughts may not be about finding out why or how it is happening. Usually she just wants it to stop. Sort of like not knowing how the motor of your car runs, but wanting the engine to turn over when you turn the key. You don't care about the mechanics you just want your car to start. Vaginal dryness is like that. We don't give it a lot of thought until it happens to us. Then we want a quick fix. Then when the quick fix doesn't happen we start to investigate what might be causing it and how we can fix it for the long run.
Vaginal dryness can be caused by a few different things. Side effects of medication, the aging process, changes that come with childbirth. The last two are related to the most common cause of vaginal dryness, which is hormonal imbalance. Hormone levels change over the course of our monthly menstrual cycle, as we age and approach menopause and after childbirth as the body tries to regulate itself again. As an extra bonus to dealing with all of these things we can fail to produce enough vaginal lubrication. That makes the relation with your partner uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. What was once a flowing river of pleasure is now a great big deep empty well. It can wreak havoc on our relation with the partner lives and just make wearing panties uncomfortable.
Luckily there are things we as women can do to ease vaginal dryness. Lubricant is the nectar of the Gods when it comes to solving the problem of vaginal dryness. However, the average lubricant will only take you from one intimate encounter to another. V-Tight Gel is a better choice because it helps a woman's body start to produce her own vaginal lubricant on her own again. The natural ingredients in V-Tight Gel not only provide lubricant for the moment at hand, they kick start her own body into producing more of what she already has. V-Tight Gel can teach her about her own body so she doesn't just have to turn on the key and hope it starts. With V-Tight Gel, her engine will start to run all on its own again.

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